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Discover what's outside the Lake District

With all our perfectly placed properties based in the Heart of the Lakes, they are the perfect base to visit the historic Cumbria city of Carlisle and Hadrian’s Wall.

It’s easy to see why people choose to visit Carlisle, from the Romans in the first century, to the legions that now arrive to visit the beautiful and historic heart of Carlisle, known as the City of the Lakes you can stroll from the Castle to the cathedral to Tullie House Museum. There are also many great places to shop, eat and be entertained.

Take a look at a few ideas to spend your time in the City of the Lakes and surrounding areas;

A guided walk though Carlisle City centre is a perfect way to discover the history of the City, this walk will take in Guildhall Museum, friendly city centre and Victorian Crown Court, this will take around 1.5 hours.

Why not take in Carlisle Cathedral it shows the tranquil face of Carlisle’s past. It’s stained glass window and magnificent ceiling looked down on the marriage of Sir Walter Scott and his French born bride.

Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery shows all threads of Carlisle’s colourful life and times are woven together dramatically in the displays of this award-winning museum. Why not take a bit of lunch at the Garden Restaurant at Tullie House before leaving via the underground Millennium Walkway and arrive at Carlisle Castle.

Carlisle Castle is the symbol of Carlisle’s strategic importance. Founded by William the Conqueror’s son, William Rufus in 1902 and was once the prison for Mary Queen of Scots. The castle was home of the King’s Own Royal Boarder Regiment.

Then why not take in Carlisle vast array of shops that would delight and dazzle you in a city twice the size, all contained in one of the most compact and visitor friendly city centres in the country.

No trip to Carlisle is complete without learning about its rich varied Roman heritage and visit to Hadrian’s Wall the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must. The Birdoswald Roman Fort is now an interactive Visitor Centre and is situated on a beautiful stretch of Hadrian’s Wall. The fort was once home to Roman soldiers over 2,000 years ago. A lot of excavations have uncovered a unique basilica or drill hall, granary buildings and the west gateway.

We have over 300 perfectly placed Holiday Cottages in the Lake District National Park - Perfect locations from which to explore the stunning Lake District and Carlisle, Heart of the Lakes will be sure to have something perfect for you.