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Costa Rica to Cape Horn on a bike?

Join us as we follow Kate Rawles on her dramatic solo adventure on her hand built bamboo bike.

Kate is passionate about the environment and uses her adventurous journeys to highlight the many challenges that our planet faces. In 2006 she undertook her ‘Carbon Cycle’ adventure with her 4553mile solo bike ride through the Rocky Mountains from Texas to Alaska. Her book ‘The Carbon Cycle’ has just been published as a second edition and is available on line.

Here at Heart of the Lakes we are delighted to have sponsored Kate on her newest adventure journey from Costa Rica to Cape Horn and you can follow Kate’s latest discoveries on our social media via Facebook and Twitter…

Depending on the final route, Kate will be cycling 5000 – 6000 miles, riding passes that will take me over 15,000 feet and travelling through a huge variety of habitats, from deserts to rainforests.

The overall aim is to harness the power of adventure in some of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes in order to raise awareness and inspire positive action on biodiversity in the UK, Europe and worldwide via social and other media en route and slide show talks, articles, media and, of course, another bestselling book, when Kate is back.

As with The Carbon Cycle, Kate will be visiting all sorts of relevant projects, places and people en route; and seizing the chance for spontaneous chats about biodiversity in truck-stops, campsites and cafes as she goes.

All adding up, with a bit of luck, to a pretty unusual mix of fabulous, challenging cycling, amazing vistas, random encounters, great stories, lots of punctures and the chance to help tackle one of the most important environmental issues of our time.

Follow Kate's progress below...


The Bamboo Bicycle

Kate will be riding Woody, a bike I built with (a lot of) help from The Bamboo Bicycle Club in London. The bamboo came from the Eden Project in Cornwall, and the joints are made from Yorkshire hemp soaked in ‘Super Sap’, a European Eco-Resin. We think this is the UK’s first home grown bicycle!